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Applications accepted beginning February 1, 2018

An intense language experience with so many opportunities



Each student who is accepted into the Summer Immersion Program has the opportunity to experience language beyond the textbook. By engaging with a community of speakers, all devoted to helping you learn the language, you will improve so much faster than you ever thought possible. Take the opportunity to grow, and join us in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Summer Language Immersion Program!


UNC-Chapel Hill’s Summer Language Immersion Program

IMG_0701UNC-Chapel Hill’s Summer Language Immersion Program is an intensive, five-week program offered during Summer Session I. The immersion experience approaches learning a language in much the same way we learned our native language—by living it—and engages the whole learner by creating a community that is completely devoted to language learning. Each day is divided into academic classes in the morning and conversational, cultural, and social activities in the afternoons and evenings, all conducted in the target language. Every aspect of every day is a unique learning opportunity.

In the Spanish immersion program, students can earn six credit hours for SPAN 101 and SPAN 102. Students are then prepared to take SPAN 203 in the second summer session if they choose.

Students in the Spanish program will have the option of living in a North Campus residence hall. Students can also live off campus but must participate in all immersion activities.

Click here to obtain more information regarding the Spanish Immersion Program.